Franchising at Higier Allen & Lautin is handled by these attorneys:


Higier Allen & Lautin represents a variety of franchise systems ranging from small start-up ventures to those with an established national presence.

We counsel clients on business and legal issues specific to franchise systems and regularly provide the following franchise-related services:

  • Providing business and legal advice in establishing, structuring and forming new franchise programs
  • Counseling clients regarding state and federal compliance issues
  • Developing policies, procedures and manuals for franchise systems
  • Preparing and updating franchise disclosure documents
  • Preparing and updating franchise agreements, development agreements and other related franchise program agreements
  • Registering franchise offerings with state agencies
  • Advising clients regarding issues pertaining to vendors, suppliers and distribution networks (including issues related to required vendors and suppliers)
  • Counseling clients concerning anti-trust issues
  • Advising clients regarding non-compete, territorial encroachment, non-renewal and transfer issues
  • Structuring advertising funds and marketing cooperatives
  • Providing advice regarding marketing and advertising programs Enforcing franchise agreements